The Best Toy In The World Is…. A Flax Pillow??

The Best Toy In The World Is.... A Flax Pillow??

So it turns out that the oddest things really are the best toys.
Ben (4 years old) has latched onto a flax seed pillow that I recently got from The Rarest Bird on etsy:
I thought it would be great for my sore back, but it really does work better as a helmet, shield, boat, and weighted shoulder bag. And in case you’re wondering, that’s a sword made by my other son, Damon, from a branch. Action figures? No thank you, Ben will take his flax pillow and branch every time.

Update on Ben’s flax pillow obsession: I decided that I wanted mine back, so I ordered him his own from The Rarest Bird. Much to my surprise, he chose the lovebirds fabric rather than the Surf Ninja fabric. He’s had it for just under 24 hours and hasn’t released it. Bonus (for me, not for my husband, Joe who hates flowery smells): he always smells like lavender!

IMG_2420 IMG_2457IMG_2427


First Sale, Here We Come!

First Sale, Here We Come!

Damon’s wielding his pliers in anticipation for the Mother’s Day Event and sale. May 10 & 11 at the Vancouver, USA Hilton!

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